South Sea Pearls - A Complete Guide to the Meaning Behind Each Color

South Sea Pearls - A Complete Guide to the Meaning Behind Each Color

Pearls have been part of women’s fashion since as far back as the year 420. Since then, pearls have been considered a status symbol. Pearls have been a sign of sophistication, respect, and class. From emperors in Ancient China to Coco Chanel’s iconic portrait with a string of pearls necklace, pearls have been an essential part of women’s fashion.



 To this day, pearls are greatly valued, and each colored pearl represents different meanings and values. One of the most valuable pearls are the South Sea Pearls. South Sea pearls have been cultivated in Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and the Philippines for thousands of years. While they used to mainly come from Australia, they are now primarily grown in the Philippines and Indonesia.

These pearls are considered one of the most luxurious because of their large size and rarity. In fact, South Sea Pearls are currently the most expensive of all cultured pearl varieties. The average South Sea Pearl is around 12 mm in size with a possible range of 8 to 20 mm, and the pearls have many different natural colors. The variance in sizes, shapes, and color determines the price of South Sea Pearls.
To help you determine which color South Sea Pearl would be best for you, we have created a guide to the significance behind each color.



White Pearls -    The classic and most popular color of pearl is the traditional white pearl. Women from all periods of time recognize the white pearl as a symbol of purity and status. Aside from being a symbol of wealth, white pearls symbolize purities such as love, hope, honesty, and simplicity.
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White pearls are classy and traditional, but they are certainly never boring. If you decide to go with white pearls, there are at least three different overtones to choose from. White South Sea Pearls have silver, rose, and ivory overtones that all have a slightly different look, so make sure you understand the difference before choosing a pearl.
Silver overtones are the most common overtone for white South Sea Pearls. The bright, silver glimmer adds to the glowing, pure white look of white South Sea Pearls. Silver overtones have a hint of cool blue color at the surface of the pearls. Silver overtones complement those with medium tone to darker complexion and brunettes since darker colors will contrast the bright white emulating from the South Sea Pearls and make the pearls appear to glow. Pearls with silver overtones have a coolness to them that pairs well with white gold jewelry. Pure white wedding dresses are often paired with silver overtone pearls because of it’s glimmering white look.
Rose overtones have pinkish tint to the color without being overbearing in color. The rose overtones add a powerful feminine look to the pearls. Warm light pink tones bring warmth to the pearls while maintaining the classic look of white pearls. Women with lighter hair and fair complexion would be well suited for rose overtone pearls since the pinkish hues bring out the natural color and blush of fair skin. Rose overtone white pearls are best paired with elegant yellow gold. The bright golden and pink colors add a layer of depth to jewelry that makes them look classy.
Ivory/cream overtones are warmer-looking overtones with a slightly yellow tint. The color of ivory overtones can be considered a ‘French Vanilla’ white with its deep yellow-white color. Ivory overtones pair best with redheads and strawberry blondes since the yellow hues compliment red/orange tones. Women with a warm white complexion would benefit from matching their natural tones to ivory pearls. Off-white wedding dresses are also a great match for cream overtone pearls.
Golden Pearls -    Golden pearls are the most expensive color pearls due to their rareness and the difficulty of cultivating them. To cultivate golden pearls, pearl farmers must carefully select golden mantle tissue and implant it with a pearl bead. Like the different overtones for white pearls, golden pearls also have distinct overtones.
 Golden South Sea Pearls have champagne, neutral gold, green/bronze, and rose overtones. Deeper golden colors are the most expensive. Golden pearls symbolize wealth, prosperity, good health and success .
Champagne overtones are a warm, light golden, pinkish color that is both rare and distinct. The smooth pastel overtones will work well for women who have lighter hair and fair skin. Champagne overtone pearls can be worn with gold or silver jewelry.
Neutral gold overtones are the most ‘true gold’ color out of all of the overtones. These yellow-tinted gold pearls will complement every complexion and hair color because of their simple tones. Neutral gold overtones should be worn with gold jewelry to bring out the pearls’ natural yellow/gold color.
Green/bronze overtones can be difficult to match due to their greenish hue over the gold pearls. The green/bronze is best on those with yellow and green undertones since their skin will match the tones of the pearls. Wear these pearls with gold jewelry to brighten the green/bronze tint.
Rose overtones have a light pink tint to the golden pearls that are subtle but provides depth. As with the white pearls with rose overtones, gold pearls with rose overtones are best for those with fair skin since the golden pinkish color will bring out warmth to fair skin. Yellow gold jewelry is the best to wear with these rose overtones.
9mm Black South Sea Pearl ring
Black Pearls -     Black pearls are cherished for their incredibly exotic colors and mirror-like luster. Although they have a wide variety of colors overtones, the base of the black pearls is not actually black but instead grey. Black pearls symbolizes courage, strength and independence . These pearls will add a bit of an edgy look yet still classy.
Silver/Steel overtones are a unique color of pearls that spans from essentially a shiny silver-gray color to a dark charcoal gray. These silver-gray pearls will compliment any skin tone. White gold or silver jewelry would work best with silver/steel overtones.
Blue-Green overtones are bright in color and unique, making them the second most popular overtones for black pearls. Blue-green overtones will look beautiful on women with a pale complexion and dark hair. The contrast of the dark pearls with the bright overtones will add a pop of color while matching your ‘cool’ tones.
Peacock overtones consist of a mix of
green, rose, and gold colors on a bright and shiny black pearl. These pearls are well suited for everyone since those with a darker complexion can wear peacock pearls with a darker base gray and those with a lighter complexion can choose pearls with a lighter grey. Peacock overtones can match white gold, yellow gold, or silver-colored jewelry.

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